Amazon 3 Solar Farms Project in Rajasthan India

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Three solar farms in India | 71 renewable energy projects of Amazon | Amazon 3 Solar Farms Project in Rajasthan | 420 megawatts of clean energy capacity | first project in Poland and Brazil | additional 2.7 gigawatts of clean energy capacity.

In this article you will get the latest information about amazon new project of three solar farms in Rajasthan. If you want to get the details then read the below article.

On the Wednesday, 21 September 2022, the Amazon have started the work of its first utility scale renewable energy project in India. under this new project the Amazon will build three solar farms in the Rajasthan state of India. these three solar projects of amazon include 420 megawatts (MW) of clean energy capacity. And as per the Amazon’s latest release, in the whole Asia pacific region, the amazon will build around 57 renewable energy projects.

In the whole world, amazon is going to invest 71 new renewable energy projects. The company will build its first project in the south America (the solar farm in Brazil) and (in Poland). With the help of this global renewable energy projects of amazon, around 50,000 gigawatt hours will be generated of clean energy after its fully operated. This gigawatt hours are same amount of electricity which is required each year, to power 4.6 million US houses.

Amazon 3 Solar Farms Project in Rajasthan

These solar farms in combined have the capacity to generate about 1,000,000 megawatt hours of renewable energy per year. this 1000,000-megawatt hours renewable energy is enough to power new Delhi’s 360,000 households.

Other than these, amazon also announced its 23 new solar rooftop projects which will be implemented in the 14 different cities of India.  The CEO of the Amazon company named Adam Selipsky said that they have the aim of reaching 100% renewable energy by the year 2025 across their entire business.

The Amazon company have total 379 renewable energy projects around 21 counties which includes 225 rooftop solar projects, 154 wind and solar farms, renewable energy capacity of 18.5 Gigawattts. The company have already claimed the 85% renewable energy across its business by the end of 2021 year.

The company have total 202 projects across north America. And about 117 renewable energy projects in Europe. In the countries such as Austria, Poland and France, the amazon will announce its first rooftop solar and utility scale projects.

Overview of Amazon New Project Three Solar Farms in Rajasthan India

ProjectBuilding Three solar farms in Rajasthan India
stateRajasthan, India
Project starting date21st September 2022
Project aimTo use 100% renewable energy over its business by the year 2025
BenefitCombined energy capacity of 420 megawatts
23 new solar rooftop projectsIn 14 different cities of India

Objective of Amazon Solar Project

The main aim of the amazon company is to use 100% renewable energy over its business by the year 2025. Other than this, the solar farms are much better than other fossil fuel such as use a clean energy source and helps in reducing air pollution. The solar farms implementation held in protecting environment. Unlike fossil fuel which cause a heavy pollution. The solar power generation facilities have a very low air emissions of air pollutants. And solar energy is free also.

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