(Apply) Big hit Entertainment Audition 2022-23 Female Date | BTS New Groups Name

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Big Hit Entertainment Audition 2022 Date | Bighit Audition 2022 for Females | Audition last Date | Age criteria | Eligibility Criteria | on-site audition procedure | how to make video of kpop Audition?

In this article you will get the complete information about the Big Hit Entertainment 2022 Female audition procedure, step by step audition registration, eligibility and required documents etc. so, if you all wants to give audition for the big hit entertainment then you can complete your online audition registration. In the below article you will get a direct link of big hit entertainment audition registration so, it will be easier for you to do your registration.

If you are a kpop music fan or you really love listening or singing kpop music then you would already know about the big four entertainment companies of the kpop industry which are YG Entertainment, Big Hit Entertainment, JYP entertainment and the SM entertainment. Lots of people from today’s generation try their best to get into any of these four entertainment company as a trainee so that they can become kpop idol.

Big Hit Entertainment Audition 2022

In today’s time Kpop music is becoming hugely famous in every country and the popularity of Korean dramas and Kpop is increasing day by day. So, that is why lots of people from all over the world trying to become trainee under any one of these four-entertainment company to become get fame and become successful Kpop star.

If you also have the dream of become a Kpop idol then this article is definitely going to help you a lot. So, the Big Hit Entertainment is going to held the Audition for the year 2022, from the date 6th June to 18th September 2022. All the interested people can apply for the audition by completing their application procedure. You just need to visit to the official website of Big Hit entertainment or HYBE Entertainment, fill all the asked details in the application form, also upload your singing or dancing, or rap video and then submit it.

All the people between the age of 12 to 18 years can apply for the audition. All the people from any country can apply for the audition.

Big hit Entertainment Female Audition 2022

Big hit entertainment does audition for females also. In the year 2022, the male as well as females’ candidates can give the audition. For the audition they need to fill the application from of audition and have to upload their singing, dancing, rap, acting, instrument playing video, by visiting to its official website. And for the offline audition people have to visit to the mentioned venues to give the audition in form of selection team.

This audition is a HYBE multi-label audition that had a total seven labels together. The name of the seven labels is big hit music, Pledis entertainment, Hybe America, Source Music, Hybe Labels Japan, KOZ Entertainment, Belift Lab.

Overview Big hit Entertainment Audition 2022

Article AboutBig Hit Entertainment 2022 Female Audition
Company NameBig Hit Entertainment
CountrySouth Korea
Audition forFemale and male
Age criteria12 -18 Years
Audition categoriesSinging, Dancing, Modelling, Acting, Music Producer, Song Writer, playing Instrument
Online Websitebighitaudition.com

Bighit Audition Date 2022

Audition CitiesAudition Dates
25th June 2022Los Angeles
2 July 2022Toronto
16th July 2022Sydney
30th July 2022Bangkok
13th August 2022Taipei
3rd September 2022Tokyo
18th September 2022Seoul

Age Criteria of Bighit Audition 2022

All the interested candidates from all over the world who are between the 12to 18 years of age can apply for the Bighit entertainment 2022 audition for both male and female.

Big hit Audition 2022 Categories

  • Singing: – the candidates who is going to participant in the big hit audition 2022, must possess a very good singing skill.
  • Dancing: – as you know that becoming kpop idol is not just about singing good but having the perfection in dancing, rap, vocals, visuals etc. so the candidate must have a good dancing skill.
  • Rap or vocals: – other than dancing and singing, the candidate must posses a little bit rap skill too.
  • Music producer: – if you know how you produce a good music then you can give audition under big hit entertainment. The company also take audition for the music producers.
  • Other that these skills if you know how you play an instrument, acting, modeling then it would be a plus point for you which can help you in clearing your audition. The more versatile you are the more you have the chances to get into the big hit entertainment as a trainee.  

Big hit Entertainment Audition 2022 Process

If you wants to give audition under the big hit entertainment to become a kpop idol then you can follow the steps provided by us in the below section to do your audition registration for the year 2022. Follow the steps below: –

  • Firstly, visit to the official portal of the big hit entertainment.
  • Then, the homepage of the website will open. And click on the audition related link or option.
  • After this, the registration page will open.
  • Then, fill all the details in this form such as your email id and then click n the verification.
  • After this, you will get a verification code on your provided email id, you have to enter that email id.
  • This is how your registration will get completed.

HYBE Audition 2022

The big hit entertainment is a very famous company, which have debuted the global sensational kpop boy group called The BTS, and recently also debuted the other boy group called TXT (tomorrow by together) which is also become famous day by day. This company is already very famous in almost every country.

Many people known about the Kpop music only because of the BTS Boy Group which is debuted by big hit entertainment. So, it you love singing, dancing, acting, music producing then it will be a very good decision to audition under this company because once you get into big hit then, you will become very famous and popular which will be very helpful for you to become a successful artist.

Many K-pop entertainment company often do auditions for all gender candidates. And the audition happen in one or twice a year. So, we advise you to check very often the official website of the kpop entertainment companies. If you don’t get selected in one company then, don’t gets sad you can give audition in many other K-pop companies. There are lots of big and famous companies such as Stone music entertainment, FNC Entertainment, JYP Entertainment, HYBE (Big Hit) entertainment, YG Entertainment, SM Entertainment, Starship entertainment, Pledis Entertainment, KQ Entertainment, MLD Entertainment, RBW, WM Entertainment, BrandNew music, Woollim, Cube entertainment and many others.

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Does big hit entertainment is doing the female audition in the year 2022?

  • Yes, bighit entertainment is going to take the audition in 2022 for both male and female candidates.

How to join bighit entertainment as a trainee?

  • Interested candidates can fill the online application form for the Big hit entertainment for the year 2022 to become trainee under this entertainment company.

Big hit audition 2022 dates?

  • Big hit is going to conduct the auditions from the date 16th June to 18th September 2022 for both male as well as female.

Age criteria to become trainee under big hit entertainment?

  • The candidates of the age from 12th to 18th years can apply for the big hit entertainment audition 2022.

What is the meaning of on-site audition?

  • The on-site audition means the offline audition which will be conducted at a venue of 7 regions. In the on-site auditions, the candidates have to perform and show their talent in from of the selection team so that they can get selected for the next ground audition.

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