Nai Pahal Scheme Odisha :Wedding Kit For Newly Married Couples

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Details regarding Nai Pahal Scheme Odisha 2022, Beneficiaries, Eligibility Criteria, Required Documents. Process to get wedding kit under this Nai Pahal Yojana Odisha.

Odisha State Government started this new scheme called Nai Pahal Scheme to increase awareness regarding responsible and proper family planning to the newly wed couples. This scheme is initiated to control the increasing population.

in the below article you will know about the full details regarding Nai Pahal Scheme, its eligibility criteria, required documents, benefits and beneficiaries etc. so read the full article.  

Nai Pahal Scheme Odisha :Wedding Kit For Newly Married Couples

This Scheme is a new program which is initiated by the Odisha Government. This scheme is initiated with the purpose of controlling the birth control rate in Odisha State. under this scheme a wedding kit will be provided to the newly wedding couples by the ASHAs of the state.

Nai Pahal Scheme Odisha

the ASHAs will distribute the wedding kits to the couples by visit to their house and also explain newly wed couple about the proper family planning and aware them regarding temporary and long-term family planning methods.

Nai Pahal Wedding Kits Includes

The booklet about advantages of proper family planning will be there in the wedding kit and also includes contraceptive pills, registration form of marriage, oral contraceptive pills, a home pregnancy test, bride grooming package such as Nail Cutter, Comb, Towel, Bindi, Handkerchief and Mirror.

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Highlights of Nai Pahal Scheme Odisha

Scheme NameOdisha Nai Pahal Scheme
Begin byOdisha State Government
PurposeTo Execute Responsible Family Planning
BeneficiariesAll New Wed Couples
Registration Starting DateSeptember

Nai Pahal Scheme Odisha Purpose

Under the national health mission, the wedding kit will be provided to the newly wed couples and also provide them family planning method in this Nai Pahal scheme. The purpose of Nai Pahal scheme is to spread the awareness regarding the importance of proper family planning to the young couples.

Shalini pandit is the director of this NHM state mission. Odisha became the first Indian state to start this campaign even when the fertility rate in Odisha state is very low. The Odisha Total Fertility Rate is 1.8 compared to the national average of two. And the ASHAs called Accredited Social Health Activists has been given the responsibility to distribute the wedding kits to the couples.

A wedding congratulations letter will also be included in this wedding kit which will be written by the chief minister. The health department also plan to enlarge family planning talk and birth control facility to all the Urban Main Health center. As well as to expand the ministry of novel injectable contraceptives to certified couples.

How to get Wedding Kit – Nai Pahal Scheme Odisha

  • The Accredited Social Health activists has given the responsibility of giving he wedding kits to the couples. They will teach provide the wedding kit to the couple and taught them about the good family planning.
  • This scheme will start from the September month. The accredited social health activists will go to the houses where the wedding will hold and provide the wedding kit to the couple and spreading the awareness regarding the family planning.

Nai Pahal Scheme Wedding Kit

  • The couple will be given a booklet which will be regarding the family planning advantages.
  • A marriage license, oral contraceptives, condoms and emergency contraceptives.
  • A bride grooming package and a pregnancy test kit.

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