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Detailed Information about the PM Shri School Scheme | 14,500 Schools will be Upgraded under this scheme | Benefits | Objective of the PM Shri Scheme | Government Motive.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi ji has recently launched a new scheme called PM Shri Scheme on the date of 5th September on Teachers Day. Under the scheme about 14500 Old Schools of India will be upgraded. These schools will be upgraded and the smart education will be provided to the students with the help of smart and modern methods and Technology. The full form of PM Shri Yojana is (Pradhan Mantri Schools for Rising India).

According to the prime Minister this scheme will have a modern transformational and holistic method of imparting education. Under the scheme the focus will be provided on the smart classrooms, smart education, and sports related things too. There will be established laboratory in the schools for the better knowledge of the students.

PM Shri School Scheme

The development and growth of a country majorly depends on the students of that country and the quality of education provided in that country. And in India we know very well that the education is not very good in all areas. In the urban areas students get all the facilities such as practical Laboratories, libraries, big sports grounds, and other facilities. Which help them acquiring good, smart knowledge and help them building their personality as a leader.

But in rural areas the education is not that developed and upgraded, that is why loss of youth of our country is not able to acquire modern and smart education which make them underconfident and unable to take their own decisions in their life. So, this Scheme it started by the Pradhan Mantri Narendra Modi ji for the betterment of the students of our country as well as the betterment of our country.

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Overview of PM Shri Scheme

Name of the Article PM Shri Scheme
Launched on 5th September 2022, Monday
Launched by Prime Minister Narendra Modi ji
ObjectiveTo upgrade the old schools of India and provide smart education to the students
Beneficiaries 1st to 12th school going students of India
Total upgraded Schools 14500 schools.
  • The Union Education Minister Dharmendra Pradhan said on Monday that ‘the pm Shri scheme is the prime Minister’s gift of knowledge to India’.
  • These schools will be selected on the listing which are managed by the union territories and the central government.
  • The ministry said that the focus will be on achieving the proficiency in learning outcomes of every child of every grade. The Union education Minister Dharmendra Pradhan said that the PM Shri Yojana will act as NEP Labs. The scheme will be fully funded by central government and the scheme implementing responsibility will be of state governments.

Benefits of PM Shri Scheme

  • Under the scheme the students who are going to the small schools will also be able to get the smart and quality education.
  • Students will get more exposure and it will help then in enhancing their personality.
  • Students will be able to acquire practical knowledge along with the book’s knowledge.
  • The schools which will be upgraded under this scheme, there nearby schools I will also acquire and learn some modern methods of teaching or learning.
  • Now all students will be able to get smart education with modern methods of teaching.
  • This scheme will be fully funded by the central Government of India and the responsibility of implementing the scheme is of state governments.
  • Total 14500 schools will be upgraded under this scheme.

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Which School will be Upgraded under the PM Shri Scheme?

The central government have yet not made any announcement regarding the selected schools which will be upgraded under this scheme. Under these schools the smart education will be provided to the students, with the modern methods and techniques. Modern technology will be used to teach the students. Laboratories will be made for the practical knowledge. Students will also be motivated towards the sports, and many personality development activities.  All types of facilities will be provided in these schools for the student such as libraries, art rooms, activity room, practical Laboratories, sports playground etc. 

Difference Between PM Shri Schools and Kendriya Vidyalayas / Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalayas?

As we know that the Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalaya or Kendriya Vidyalaya comes under central ministry of Education. Under Central sector scheme, the union government fund these Vidyalaya. And the Jawahar Navodya vidyalaya are only funded for the rural areas talented students.

Whereas, under this PM Sri School Yojana, the existing schools which are run by state, UTs, local bodies or Centre, will be upgraded.

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