Punjab Lok Milni Scheme 2022 Objectives

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Get the details about Punjab Lok Milni Scheme 2022 Objectives | Scheme launched by the Punjab CM Bhagwant Mann. Benefits of this Lok Milni Scheme | Main Purpose | and Highlights of this Scheme.

A new platform has been launched by the Chief Minister of Punjab State named Lok Milni. This is a scheme for the relief of Punjab citizens’ complaints. The announcement regarding this scheme was made by Punjab State Chief Minister Bhagwant Singh Mann on Monday, 16th May 2022. This Lok Milni Scheme is a chief minister and public interaction program. Under this program the Punjab citizens can convey their complaints and file them to the Punjab State Government.

This program was launched 2 months back and already there are lots of complaints filed by the Punjab citizens under this program. Almost 61 complaints were filed before the Punjab CM during this Lok Milni. Chief Minister Bhagwan Singh Mann ordered various offices of the department to resolve all the issues of the people. If you also want to know about the Punjab Lok Milni Scheme 2022. Then you can carry forward with the complete article.

Punjab Lok Milni Scheme 2022 Objective

Punjab Lok Milni Scheme was launched by the Chief Minister of Punjab on May 2022. The Scheme is launched to solve the problems of the citizens of Punjab who have filed their complaints under this program. Under this program any person from Punjab state can file their complaints regarding various issues.

Punjab Lok Milni Scheme 2022

The Punjab government will look over the complaints of the people and try to solve them. There are many people who are filing complaints regarding water department and water supply. There are many people who are complaining regarding land dispute, pending orders and many others. If you are also a citizen of Punjab state and are facing any kind of issue or problem. Related to electricity, land related problems or water supply problems or any other government related problem. Then you can also file your complaint under this program.

CM has said that the results of this programme will be declared soon in from of people.  

Overview of the Lok Milni Punjab Scheme launched by Punjab CM

The CM Bhagwant Singh Mann has said that the Punjab state government is adopting a zero tolerance policy regarding drug danger and It will be removed totally from the state.

The staff of CM Bhagwant Singh Mann also took the applications physically by meeting the people standing on the road. They also makes sure the people on solving their problems.

Article NamePunjab Lok Milni Scheme 2022 Objectives
Scheme NameLok Milni (Means Public Interaction)
Launched byCM of Punjab Government
BeneficiariesPunjab State citizens
ObjectiveRedressal of Public Grievances
BenefitsPunjab Citizens will get the solutions of their problems.

What is the Objective of Lok Milani Program Recently Launched by Punjab Government?

The chief motive of starting this program is to solve the issues and problems of the Punjab state citizens related to the various departments of the state.

  • This program will help government offices and Punjab CM to know about the people problem directly. Not from the any other third person or third party.
  • People will get instant solution related to their problems.
  • Chief minister personality check complaints filled by the people every week under this program. It will help the government to take quick actions.

The Chief Minister Bhagwant Singh Mann said. That the purpose of this Lok Milni program is to certify single -window platform for the citizens of Punjab for redressal of their grievances.

CM Bhagwant Singh Mann held the meeting with his top officers from various department of Punjab. From them many officers have been selected and ordered by the Punjab CM. To make sure that the complaints of people will be solved as soon as possible.

Around two years back a lady named Dr. Seema Rani’s husband has passed during the Covid 19 situation. So, Punjab CM ordered his officers to make sure that Dr. Seema Rani will get a job as soon as possible according to the government policy.   


When the Lok Milni Scheme means Public Interaction programme was launched by the Punjab CM?
On the date 16th May 2022, this Lok milni programme was firstly launched by the Punjab government.
What is the objective of Punjab Lok Milni Scheme?
The object the Lok Milni scheme is to provide single window platform to the Punjab citizens for the redressal of the public grievances.
Which officials were present during the meeting for this scheme with Punjab CM?
There were many top govt officers from various departments of Punjab state who were present during the meeting for this Lok Milni scheme with Chief Minister. CM also selected some officers from this meeting to work on this scheme and resolve the problems of people at the earliest.
Who all are the beneficiaries of this programme?
All citizens of Punjab state are the beneficiaries of this programme.

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